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How to Set Your Bridal Boundaries When Wedding Dress Shopping

Of the many preparations that are required for planning a wedding, bridal gown shopping is without a doubt one of the most exciting and memorable. It’s every girl’s dream to find a wedding dress that makes her look and feel like a princess (or a beach goddess, or a bohemian flower child—the options are endless)!

There is no exact definition of “the perfect dress.” The only requirement is that you feel the way you’d always imagined you would when you try it on. The right dress should make you feel equal parts emotional, exhilarated, and peaceful; it will feel like the perfect fit for your wedding, your taste, and your personality.

While bringing along your bridal squad for a girl’s day out might add more excitement and fun to the wedding dress shopping experience, it’s unfortunately all too common for some voices to get a little too loud. Your bridesmaid, your maid of honor, and your mom are, of course, entitled to their opinions, but they should stay opinions. That famous “say yes” moment should ultimately come from you.

If that sounds easier said than done, no worries! We’ve compiled a few of our tried and true tips for taking your bridal squad’s opinions into consideration while staying true to your own taste, budget, and style.
Keep the Experience Intimate

If you haven’t yet been wedding dress shopping, it may be a great idea to make some solo appointments before bringing others into the experience. Dress shopping alone will give you time to browse without having to consider the personal taste and expectations of others.

If you find the bridal gown of your dreams during one of your solo appointments, don’t be afraid to make the purchase and then bring your squad along to the fittings! That way, you’re still including your closest family and friends in the experience without the pressure of their opinions putting a damper on your special moment.
Be Prepared to Say No

If going wedding dress shopping alone isn’t an option for you, uphold your boundaries, and get comfortable being firm about what you like and don’t like. This is your day and your dress—your loved ones already had their moment, or will have their moment in the future.

It’s natural to worry about disappointing the people you love, but know that you can be decisive and gracious at the same time. If you feel so inclined, you can even try on a dress that your mom or best friend pick out for you, so they feel more a part of the experience.

At the end of the day, your “I do” crew should just want you to be happy on your big day. Listen to their feedback with an open mind while staying true to yourself.
Know What You’re Comfortable Compromising

The key to a smooth day of wedding dress shopping with your girls is knowing what you’re comfortable compromising. When you have a clear understanding of that, you’ll be in a better position to not only protect your boundaries, but to give a little on the things you don’t feel as strongly about.

Maybe you know exactly what your ideal dress looks like, but are still trying to figure out which accessories might work best. If that’s the case, consider allowing your bridal squad to weigh in on decisions regarding your veil, shoes, or headpiece, for example.

Our final piece of advice is to honor and protect your vision for your day. If you want to take the opinions of your loved ones into consideration, and feel comfortable doing so, more power to you! But if your goal is to choose a wedding dress that you will be as happy with as the rest of your special day, stand by your taste unapologetically. You’ll thank yourself on your wedding day, when the reflection that stares back at you is every bit as magical as you’d envisioned!